TU Delft Fall 2021–Spring 2023

Research-oriented masters in Computer Engineering, with a focus on software and software/hardware codesign.

Virginia Tech Fall 2018–Spring 2021

Major in Computer Engineering with a minor and specialization in Computer Science. Graduated 1 year early due to accelerated classes, GPA 3.64/4.00 in-major, 3.46/4.00 overall.


Programming Languages

C++ 8 Years Experience

Libraries: Catch2, libsigc++, OpenMP, Intel TBB, Posix Threads, Gtkmm, Qt, OpenGL, GLFW, Magnum, CLI11, spdlog, Cereal, RapidJSON, TOML11, Libsoundio, FFTW

C, Python, Java 5 Years Experience

Libraries: Jansson, LibJWT

Others In order of Experience

Rust, CUDA, VHDL, Verilog, HTML + CSS/Sass, Octave/Matlab, MIPS Assembly, x86 Assembly


  • Git
  • Linux
  • Valgrind
  • GDB
  • Perf
  • Tensorflow
  • Travis CI
  • Github Actions
  • Ansible
  • Doxygen
  • Markdown
  • LaTeX



Inria May 2021–August 2021

SIMD Research Internship – Worked alongside PhD students at Inria Research Center Sophia Antipolis to incorporate SIMD concepts into CGALs collision detection packages, improving performance. Read More

CGAL May 2020–August 2020

Google Summer of Code Apprentice – Worked remotely with a mentor in France to develop a new software package. The project is an Octree data structure, used in other packages. Required a mix of working with legacy code and green-field development. Read More


N-Body July 2018–Present

Independent Project – Building a multithreaded dynamical simulation tool to improve my familiarity with optimization, build tools, design patterns, and libraries. Incorporated concepts including concurrency, event-driven programming, serialization, cache-optimization, and tree algorithms among others. Read More

t-SNE August 2022–December 2022

University Coursework – Built a collection of algorithms for fast t-SNE minimization on the CPU, culminating in an efficient implementation of a state-of-the-art algorithm described by a paper from 2021. Read More

Quarter ID August 2020–June 2021

University Capstone Project – Lead a small team of interdisciplinary engineering students to develop a solution which determines the value of collectible coins using machine vision. Involved industrial imaging and lighting hardware, paired with a computer vision pipeline built with Python and OpenCV. Read More

Spectrogram August 2020–December 2020

University Coursework – Developed a low-latency Spectrogram audio frequency visualizer alongside two other students. Involved navigating real-time limitations in a contemporary event-driven desktop application, as well as CI, build system engineering, and other team management logistics. Read More